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The XL Bay Travel Team based in Bluewater Bay
Front Row: Danielle, Bongi, Natasha, Chantal, Tania | Back Row: Abby, Gillian, David, Lee-Ann, Shadrack, Karen

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Who We Are

In 2013, XL Bay Travel joined the XL Group, not as a newcomer to the travel industry, but as a company with a decade of experience and resources in the field. Not only does XL Bay Travel come into this new partnership with its own extensive portfolio of corporate and leisure clients, as well as an extensive network of world-class suppliers, but it now also has the strength of the XL Group at its fingertips, ensuring that its clients will always get what they want.

XL Bay travel is in a unique position as an owner-operated Travel Management Company, designed to give clients, no matter how big or small, the best service; whether its booking accommodation and flight tickets, or providing charter services, car rental, travel to and from meetings, and even International rail and ferry services. XL Bay Travel also offers 24/7 emergency services in case your travel plans need fixing, and with its dedication to balance between control and flexibility, you will not be left disappointed.

XL Bay Travel’s dedication to quality service also means being completely transparent in terms of costs and procedures, so there will never be a time where you’re left wondering what the next step will be. XL Bay’s online booking tools and personal travel advice, whether for leisure of business purposes has been proven to reduce travel costs and consistently lower corporate spending, all while maintaining a high level of service and communication with the client.

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What makes us different?

  • XL Bay Travel has established a close working relationship with our business clients; build on our objectives of adding value; containing travel costs; maintaining service delivery above 98% at all times.
  • We are hands-on-owner managed business and this level of service cannot be matched by a large multi-layered management company or a call centre.
  • Travel emergencies are handled by one of our own travel specialists, who care about the well-being of their clients.

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The XL Bay Travel/XL Algoa Bay Travel Team based in Newton Park
Back Row: Tana, Marnic, Marius, Lezane | Front Row: Phumla, Vengy


You can download our BEE certificate HERE   Full Breakdown of BEE score can be downloaded HERE

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