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XL Bay Travel - Beyond Expectation


Travel agency specializing in business travel and leisure holidays.

Our team strives daily to ensure our travellers-travel well.


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Who We Are

Who We Are

Travel agency specializing in business travel and leisure holidays. We have 20 years experience in our industry. This makes us a trusted and experienced travel partner.

What We Do

What We Do

Our business is about assessing our clients’ unique needs, customizing full-service solutions for them and delivering those solutions impeccably every step of the way.

Why Use Us

Why Use Us

We take great pride in being pioneers in the travel industry. Our long-standing commitment to embracing the latest advancements has undoubtedly set us apart from our competitors.

Daily Travel News

Daily Travel News

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Be the first to hear about upcoming trips, exciting destinations, and fun activities! Contact our travel specialists, whether you are going on holiday or booking a flight for your company executive.


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Be the first to hear about upcoming trips, exciting destinations, and fun activities! Contact our travel specialists, whether you are going on holiday or booking a flight for your company executive.

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